Allure bad dating girl man

What about it made me appear more approachable or available? Or perhaps blue hair was the got hit on more and people would comment on my tattoos much more frequently," they remarked about this blue-hair phenomenon.I certainly couldn't help but think about other blue-hair heroines in modern film, like Ramona Flowers in the cinematic masterpiece , portrayed with verve by Kate Winslet.It took two sessions with my colorist (Elizabeth Hiserodt at Cutler Salon, who is a hair-color wizard and who most definitely chided me for using a box dye) to remove it completely, which did a number to my poor, fragile, bleach noodles I call hair.The breakage was So during the interim that I was stuck being blue for much longer than anticipated, several things happened where I started to believe that my hair color was to blame.The most singular event was that I actually met someone on the New York City subway.

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With blue hair, it was such a color statement on its own that I pared down my makeup routine, wearing mostly just eyeliner, mascara, and a subdued lip color.The deep-red lipsticks I normally slicked on suddenly made me look garish, like I was really hyped on the Fourth of July all year-round.So I resorted to a more "natural"-looking face, despite my unnatural-looking hair color.Here is the next quality men find attractive in a bad girl: strength. When a guy dates a bad girl, he expects the unexpected—both in and outside of the bedroom.

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