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Back to top Re-read Coopsday 2019 edition statement and press release.

Back to top The International Day of Cooperatives is an annual celebration of the cooperative movement which happens on the first Saturday of July since 1923 by the International Cooperative Alliance.

The 2020 edition will be the 26th United Nations International Day of Cooperatives and the 98th International Cooperative day.

Since 2001, Global Development Alliances (GDAs) have been USAID’s premier model for public-private partnerships, helping to improve the social and economic conditions in developing countries and deepen USAID’s development impact.

Since 2009, members follow and promotes the adopted Alliance Accessing Policy Paper.

In 1999 the Alliance launched the first short term EVS workcamps project (European Voluntary Service funded by the European Union) for the social inclusion of youth with disadvantaged background through the educational tool of international voluntary service.

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During a meeting of the A4AWG in the Technical Meeting of the Alliance in France, March 2012, the organizations previously involved participated again making contributions to the project and taking the decision of focusing on a target group of young people facing socio-economical difficulties (NEETs).

The second edition of this kind of project took place in 2001 with the participation of 16 Alliance members and the realization of 32 volunteers exchanges in the framework of EVS.

In 2002, 40 new exchanges were implemented by Alliance members, and the Access 4 All Working Group (A4AWG) was officially established by the General Assembly.

The theme is chosen to support the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8 ‘Inclusive development and decent work’.

We are thrilled by the rich diversity of celebrations and support messages.

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