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It can be anything, such as the get String("period_" String()), for example." ~~~ These are taken from a working app, but cut & pasted, etc, so there may be issues that mean that they won't compile directly - we'll have to see...

Basically, the values in the Phone Model dropdown depend on the selected Phone Vendor and the examples show two ways of doing the same thing, i.e.

So when you submit, the selected object is pushed into the model, when dropdown renders the selected object is the one that is pulled from the model.

ie: when this page renders, the letter B will be selected because it is the object inside the drop down's model.

I created a simple page with a Date Field and an Ajax Form Component Updating Behavior where I want to read the model. Date Text Field; import org.apache.wicket.calendar.

The following code does work in Wicket 1.4.16 (prints the selected date), but does not in Wicket 1.5.5 (prints null): public class Date Page extends Web Page Does anyone know something about this?

For this I am using Ajax Form Component Upading Behavior("onkeypress").

The guide gradually introduces you to the various features of the framework with many real-world examples.The type of object returned by the model and the type of objects in the list must be the same.If your model returns an Integer, so you must pass a list of Integers, not Integer Select Choice or anything else.Every release is announced through our mailing lists and the official Apache announcements list.We also publish a news item on our website with the announcement, and it is also published in our RSS feed (handy for RSS readers).

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