Agency holding companies consolidating agencies

One key development in recent years has been the creation of dedicated "vertical" agencies within the holding companies, set up specifically to manage the marketing requirements of individual multi-national clients, and drawing staff and resources from the group's other multi-client agencies.WPP is generally regarded as the pioneer in this field with the creation of separate networks dedicated to just Ford or Colgate-Palmolive, but all the big groups now offer a similar service. Ironically, this has in effect reversed the post-80s unbundling process, with the re-creation of old-style full-service agencies offering every marketing discipline under one roof, but now just for one client rather than several.

The latest is Dentsu Aegis Network, which on Wednesday announced that it had acquired Mute Six, one of the darling of the direct-to-consumer brand boom.

Broadly speaking, since the 1980s, most advertising agencies have tended to move towards a common structure.

In the past, each individual agency offered a variety of different marketing services under a single roof.

That has frustrated agency execs because that data not only provides more transparency into the performance of advertisers’ campaigns but also enables more advanced analysis of campaigns to inform how programmatic buying strategies can be enhanced.

According to Ad Exchanger’s report, Amazon is not making log-level data available within its clean room.

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