Adventist singles dating

The "think you'd click" button lets you instantly notify others of your interest in them (available to non-subscribers).

Instant message and chat features can also be accessed by upgrading the free Basic membership to Premium for a monthly, quarterly or semi annual fee.

Cheryl says, “Except for my decision to be a Christian, joining Adventist Contact was the most important thing I ever did.” Claire and Ron are just one of hundreds of couples who have successfully dated and married within the Adventist Church through Adventist Contact since 1974. Claire says, “We believe God used Adventist Contact to introduce Ron and me.

Otherwise, we would never have met.” Crysta and Tracy were both skeptical when they first joined Adventist Contact.

Crysta joined after some gentle urging from her parents.

Her father believed in the programs so strongly that he offered to pay her fee.

She remained in the program for years, meeting some nice people along the way. ≫ Read More After Rebecca graduated from law school, her parents started suggesting: “Why don’t you join Adventist Contact? She had preconceived notions about who might join Adventist Contact (“AC”), and she felt that only truly desperate people would consider computer matching.

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They offer a number of resources for those just venturing into the world of online dating.

Helpful articles give tips and advice while member success stories inspire and uplift.

Each member is also offered their own onsite personal email, access to a singles message board, personal photo albums and anonymous message options.

“Thank God for the service you provide,” Mark continues.

“Melanie and I are very serious about our faith and Adventist Contact provided us the opportunity…

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