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“And remember that that USB port can pass data.” It’s much safer to bring your regular charger along and plug it into a wall outlet or, alternatively, bring a portable power bank to recharge your phone when you’re low on bars.This article was co-authored by Jennifer Boidy, RN. She received her Associate of Science in Nursing from Carroll Community College in 2012.Barlow also advises steering clear of random tech accessories left behind by other travelers. I’m not going to easily take apart the charging station but it’s easy to just leave my cord behind.“My favorite of which is a simple Apple charging cord,” he says. Now, if you see an Apple charging cord, you're likely to grab it or just plug into it.“If you want to get into a company, go buy a couple hundred USB sticks and cast them around in places where you know company will go.Guaranteed, one of them will get plugged into a company laptop.” READ MORE: Those oh-so-handy USB power charging stations in the airport may come with a cost you can’t see.The 2019 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index reveals that the transportation industry has become a priority target for cybercriminals as the second-most attacked industry — up from tenth in 2017.Since January 2018, 566 million records from the travel and transportation industry have been leaked or compromised in publicly reported breaches.

Remember, you should always change the diaper as soon as it is soiled.

But inside this cord is an extra chip that deploys the malware, so it charges your phone but now I own your computer.” You take a similar risk if you use any old USB stick you find lying around.

“A lot of companies now are banning the use of USB storage devices because at the end of the day they're dangerous,” says Barlow.

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