Adult dating beverly massachusetts

Visitors should be fine so long as they wear the usual seasonal clothes.Originally part of Salem and the Naumkeag Territory, the area was first settled by Europeans in 1626 by Roger Conant.As stated on the Boston page, New England weather is unpredictable and becomes very cold in the winter and is prone to mild bouts of humidity in the summer.Beverly's weather is similar to Boston's; however, it is slightly cooler during the summer months, a factor which historically has proved influential to the decision of many Boston elites to locate summer homes along the "Gold Coast" on the shores of the Cove and Beverly Farms.In summer, a notable time to visit Beverly is during its annual Homecoming at the end of July and beginning of August.Events range from local performances, lighthouse tours, lobster eating, and are culminated by fireworks show over Beverly Harbor.

It was outfitted at Glover's Wharf and first sailed from Beverly Harbor on September 5, 1775.

It's about 15 minutes to drive to Salem or to Danvers.

Having visited both, I'm glad we did not book to stay in Salem as we like to stay in quiet locations.

If desiring a more dry summer pastime, the city often hosts different summer events including a monthly block party on Cabot Street for each summer month.

Even with no events going on, Cabot Street in the summer is quite pleasant with many different shops and stores catering to foot traffic and cafes with outdoor seating.

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