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Hurghada is a world-class beach destination along the African coast of the Red Sea.Nnearby Sahl Hasheesh offers a lovely stretch of golden sand to stroll along with your loved one.These new technologies are being used for new crackdowns.In the decade before the dating apps, and before President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi came to power in 2013, an average of 14 people a year were arrested in Egypt effectively for their sexuality. Hundreds of similar abuses have occurred in Russia, Lebanon, Iran, Uganda, Malaysia and Tunisia, among others.

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As such, we have a whole different bundle of concerns when it comes to protecting them.” At HER, the team is constantly alert to the potential dangers faced by their users: “In Russia, people using our app know it’s at a very big risk.

Everyone who signs up to a dating app reveals a huge amount about themselves – easily-accessible, deeply-sensitive information that, in some parts of the world, makes LGBT people especially vulnerable to exploitation, blackmail and worse.

We asked Nichi Hodgson, the renowned writer on sexuality and dating, to explore the risks intrinsic to these apps; and to ask what measures – if any – the tech companies are taking to protect the vulnerable.

They provide a service to their customers, and succeed or fail according to the algorithmic accuracy with which they match up their users.

Yet sexuality is not just another expression of consumer demand.

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