Adult chat online stories

She walked in to Ellie’s room without knocking and found the 16 year old undressed, facing the wall and with her hands on her head. She had spent a whole week at camp and so needed her pain fix.She watched as Mrs Howard opened her bag and took out her strap. She looked at Ellie dressed in her sleeveless pink top white shorts and thought how cute she was, as though butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but she knew better. I will be up shortly.” When Ellie left the kitchen Mrs Howard turned to Mrs Collins. I did say that you would spank her as well though.” “I see” Mrs Howard said, looking cross. Then I suppose it is up to me to discipline Ellie again. Get undressed, I mean everything, and stand facing the wall with your hands above your head and think about how naughty you were and what you deserve.You won’t find my lap any more comfortable just because my legs will be bare.” “And everything else” Ellie said.

She opened her eyes to see Mrs Howard, a dressed Mrs Howard, standing over her, hairbrush in hand, waiting. Get over again, and this time it will be rather harder than before.

“Kiss my breast Ellie” she said quietly and breathed heavily when the teenager’s lips encircled her nipple and kissed and licked and sucked as Mrs Howard stroked the teenager’s breast.

“On the bed Ellie” Mrs Howard commanded, tenderly now, as an equal rather than the disciplinarian.

Then Mrs Howard said “you know Ellie, I think this time I’ll get undressed as well.

Just for a change.” Ellie watched as Mrs Howard removed her short sleeved black blouse and unclipped her bra, and as the bra slipped down her arms Ellie smiled at the sight of Mrs Howard’s womanly breasts.

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