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We recommend that you look into the laws of your state and consult with an attorney or qualified consultant to determine the specific requirements that apply to your business.Needless to say, selling a product that can potentially still be illegal under Federal law makes it very difficult to get approved for a merchant account.Credit, debit and gift cards can be the ultimate convenience for your customers.First Capital Bank of Texas merchant services make it convenient for your business too.In fact, as of the time of this writing, they’re only legal under certain specific conditions.Although medical marijuana and, by extension, CBD products are now legal in many US states, most banks and credit card processors have been extremely reluctant to approve CBD oil businesses for merchant accounts, and many such businesses have had their accounts suddenly closed without notice.

This situation should improve considerably with the recent legalization of hemp-based products.Desperate CBD merchants have tried using Pay Pal or Square, but this strategy inevitably involves being dishonest about the nature of your business, and providers won’t hesitate to shut you down if and when they catch you.Before the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considered it illegal to sell or transport CBD products across state lines.Finding a good high-risk merchant account provider involves the same criteria as a low-risk provider – it’s just harder to find a provider that offers the right combination of reasonable prices, fair contract terms, and high-quality customer service.With the above factors in mind, here’s a brief overview of five of the best merchant account providers in the industry that accept CBD merchants: Another company you should consider in your search for a CBD oil merchant account provider is Pay Wize.

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