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By contrast, if accommodations are required for a particular class in college or set of circumstances, only the accommodations, not the disability, are shared with the instructor.In many schools, a student will need to actively report to someone (most likely at the college’s learning resource center, but it can vary) at the beginning of each semester that support services and/or accommodations are needed.Read more about advocating for yourself in college in this article by Judy York, Director of the Resource Office on Disabilities at Yale University.

Parents of children with Dyslexia often ask me about a 504 plan for their children and just what accommodations their child is entitled to receive.Such an environment embraces the use of the word dyslexia; promotes a clear and scientifically valid understanding of dyslexia; and provides proper supports and accommodations, including allowing the use of assistive technologies.A supportive work culture understands that dyslexic individuals aren’t stupid, and certainly aren’t lazy.Employers and managers recognize how dyslexia impacts a person’s day-to-day work, but they also understand that dyslexic employees can bring a great deal of creativity, energy and problem-solving to the organization.Small changes to company protocols and communication can go a long way toward supporting dyslexic individuals, and are likely to increase morale and loyalty.

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