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If you are planning to run the cleanup tool in silent mode, you need to make sure to detect what OS it is running on and not pass in a version of the .NET Framework with the /p switch that is a part of the OS or make sure that you know how to handle the failure exit code that you will get back from the cleanup tool in that type of scenario. NET Framework cleanup tool supports running in silent mode.

NET Framework that is installed as part of the OS it is running on.

NET Framework cleanup tool on every operating system.

The cleanup tool contains logic so that if it is run on an OS version that includes the .

NET Framework cleanup tool is designed to automatically perform a set of steps to remove selected versions of the . It will remove files, directories, registry keys and values and Windows Installer product registration information for the . The tool is intended primarily to return your system to a known (relatively clean) state in case you are encountering .

NET Framework installation, uninstallation, repair or patching errors so that you can try to install again.

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