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If she had any class, she would have stopped mentioning Brad after his hookup with Angelina became public knowledge.He's Just Not That Into You (2009) Directed by Ken Kwapis.The hardest job with her is making her appear to be "nice," because she hates to do any kind of charity work or public appearances unless there are A-List people there who are bigger than she is.Of course, events like that are limited to those that her ex-spouse and/or the mother of his children won't be in attendance.

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This PR person has very limited imformation on JA or is lying.

Why don't these fake "insiders" begin by telling us exactly when this woman was pregnant and exactly when she miscarried and the reasons for the miscarriages.

You can also add what hospital she went to and who her obstetrician was.

Her and Tate were over when she asked her publicist to meet Pitt. I also know her and celeb friends' involvement with St. Whatever money they donate is well worth the publicity they gain for such "charitable" (I use the term loosely) work.

She has hardened over the years with all the bad press and poor me Jen stories, but she is no way a bitch. She has made a shit load of movies and is still a wannabe movie star. The only reason she's done anything with that organization is because it is Marlo Thomas' pet project (her dad was a major benefactor) and she shamed her into it when she played Aniston's mother on "Friends."And believe me, if Aniston had had any miscarriages, the whole world would know about it. So, if Brad wanted kids quickly and Jennifer didn't..should she have to have kids quickly for him? A co-worker of mine best described Thomas as "Hitler's Daughter."[quote]He is a good actor and as hot as all fuck. I've never found him especially good looking, but he is one of the most talented actors in his age range.

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