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I’ve left myself signed in and had a friend post some jive on mine before, and have even come across accounts that were left open to fuck with.

The internet and all of this advanced technology is, ironically, still pretty archaic and it’s like the old west out here.I’ve been using them for a while and remember when Jenna Jameson only had 11 Myspace friends and it still showed ingenuity to exploit the template to promote your band and/or other projects. It’s like handing someone an X-box 360 controller and asking them to play Bioshock, Left 4 Dead, or some other crazy-ass, weird, intense game, when they haven’t fucked with any video game technology since Pong.The operations can become a lot more confusing than it would for someone that went from Donkey Kong to Super Mario Brothers to Super Mario World, etc.To jump fresh into the social network game, at this point, would put anyone at a disadvantage, because they wouldn’t have that frame of reference or the smooth transitions.After a while, certain patterns become clearer to those who have advanced along with the processes and grew with it.

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    Be sure to include these documents with the pre-application: Social Security Cards and birth certificates for all household members, photo IDs for all adult household members, proof of all income, and bank statements.