300 year history internet dating

Goodyear is a company based on firsts — and we've worked hard to make them time and again throughout our history.Get a glimpse of our highlights, or click to dig into a detailed history of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.

Those numbers have shifted considerably since 2005, when Pew last asked the questions, but they still show a sizable minority that sees internet dating as a last resort for sad sacks.In 2013, the amount of time American spent on mobile devices, excluding phone calls, for the first time exceeded the time spent on PCs, according to e Marketer.If people are already using their phones as credit cards, gaming consoles and movie theaters, it stands to reason they’d become matchmakers, too.Four tires are introduced in an unprecedented launch: the Aquatred, Invicta GFE, Wrangler GSA, and Eagle GSC.The new, highly innovative Aquatred tire garners praise and acceptance from the media and consumers alike.

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