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Hellion, Rockslide, Dust, Armor, Pixie & Nature Girl as the leading characters, with others as supporting characters and members of the rotating cast.Wolverine Keep him semi-contained in a solo book, rather than a dozen appearances each month across various titles.Yeah tbh six is kind of a lot already but thought itd be think of stuff.For solos I think Magneto, the Cuckoos, Apocalypse, Mystique (sorry Silver Fang!We’ve got high seas anti-piracy/mutant outreach (X-Corps) type stuff, exploring of Otherworld and mutant magic in a fantasy type setting, outer space cosmic adventure, and mutant CIA black ops stuff.

I reeeeally want a "New Avengers" kinda book, where we have Charles and Erik up to their shady antics.

Yeah tbh six is kind of a lot already but thought it’d be think of stuff.

The latter I could see being cool if Storm had to tackle the difficulties for Wakandan Mutants. As recently as a few months ago it was confirmed that Wakandans don’t have an issue with mutants.

I’d rather see a Storm mini that explores her godhood as far as her responsibilities to the natural world and how she relates to the rest of the pantheons of Earth.

Just needs a good solo & writer like Duggan or Kelly.

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