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Scams like that are generally driven by a real human at the other end.They often use bots to sign up and to seek out the people with searches for (for example) 50-ish year old widows (they know their markets!THEN the follow-up switches to a human who will pull the names of the person’s friends, family and work colleagues from Facebook and blackmail them for a few thousand dollars.

Importantly the AI we use on our store provides very competent front line customer service that our customers love.So the bottom line of “Why do bots use dating sites? They use them to make a lot of money for crime-rings. Dating sites are actually really good at removing bots, and they have their own bots to do it - But it’s a constant battle and tactics on both sides change daily.The scammers are always slightly ahead of the dating sites (because until the sites have seen what they are doing, they can’t easily adapt) and that’s why the bots seem to be always there and slipping through, when in reality hundreds of thousands of them are being blocked monthly.Create your own chat bot without any programming, Share your bot with others, Connect your bot to the world, Embed your bot on your own website or blog, Create a customer service virtual agent for your business, Script your bot with Self and AIML, Build a bot for Facebook Messenger, Build a bot for Twitter, Build a bot for Telegram, Build a bot for Kik, Build a bot for Skype, Build a bot for Slack, Build a bot for We Chat, Build a bot for email, Build a bot for SMS, Build a bot for Alexa, Build a bot for Google Home, Connect with our web API and open source SDK, Add your bot to our open bot directory, Free live chat and chat rooms, Speech and 3D animated avatars, Create deep learning analytics without any programming Chat and chatbots are the new application paradigm that is replacing mobile and web as the new leading method of engaging your customers and users.Chat lets you engage your customers everywhere, on web, mobile, social media, and on the Internet of things.

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