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The talk wasn’t on puberty – they'd had that talk the previous year. Over the past couple of months, boys and girls in the year have started asking each other ‘out’.

And it wasn’t on bullying, as they’ve covered that many times. This doesn’t mean actually going anywhere; at 10 and 11 years old, these kids are too young to go to the movies alone, let alone go out to dinner.

The school was concerned about the kids feeling pressured into relationships that were too mature for their stage of life.

How would they deal with being rejected, with ending relationships, or with having to hurt another person's feelings?

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And I realised that it didn't really bother me at all. They're playing, testing out new roles, working out how they feel about the world and each other.

A minor does not understand the concept of love and dating as an adult does, no matter how much they think they do. Dating sites aren't worth it, and you could easily find yourself ambushed by people who steal your information. its not silly i think it cool dating 10 years olds are kissing every where now days. I believe that it is good for kids to be social online, but all privacy settings MUST be activated for 10 year olds, and all other children under 13 years of age.

Such a site would be banned almost instantly because it… Dating sites for children are illegal, and cause much trouble.e. Its not the right thing to be doing but they all seem for it to be. Some parents don't allow, but it's fine for a 10 year old to be kissing! Parents should be able to approve all "tweets", and who they are following.

I thought very carefully about the issue, and initially, I sided with the school.

The kids were too young for these kind of experiences. " I asked."Well, Katy said that it doesn't matter what the school says, Jake is still her boyfriend.

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